About The Site

The Music Pill is a blog site that focuses on hard rock and heavy metal music.  While we occasionally comment on albums or music in general, our primary focus is sharing concert experiences.  There’s so many great shows out there, none of us can catch them all.  Our goal for this site is to help people feel like they experienced a show they missed, and best case scenario, convince them to go next time.

The Music Pill has been in existence since 2010, and has hundreds and hundreds of concerts, venues, and experiences under our belt.  We’d love to hear from you!

About Me

Dave Yaraschefski of The Music Pill and his son LukeMusic has been important to me all my life.  As far back as a young kid, I remember listening to records at my grandpa’s house and running around in bliss.  (If my ankles didn’t hurt so bad, I’d still do that from time to time….) As an elementary kid, I remember singing Aerosmith’s Get the Rich album at the top of my lungs, I remember writing the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits on my Trapper Keeper, and I remember my sisters forcing me to listen to Roxette – Joyride and George Michael – Faith on repeat for hours and hours.   I remember listening to Nelly when I first got my driver’s license, to Kid Rock while I made bad decisions in high school, and to Rob Zombie before high school football games.  I remember those things like it was yesterday…..That’s what’s great about music – somehow it has the ability to weave itself into your brain and create memories that last forever.

It also has the ability to speak to my soul and get under my skin like few other things can.  As chaotic as my life gets, music is the one thing that lets me press pause, lose myself in a moment, and then come back feeling rejuvenated and free.  For my money, a live music show is the best drug out there – I’m an unashamed live music junkie.  The type of music doesn’t really matter to me – the word “genre” makes me cringe as it forces people to put art in a “bucket”, to try to categorize music and force it in a framework that’s defined by Wikipedia or radio stations or a magazine.  To me, all that matters is the feeling of freedom I get from hearing a guitar hit a riff, or a piano hit a chord, or a vocalist soar into their high register as the crowd screams.  All that matters is whether or not the art is great, not what box it fits into.  My musical tastes usually gravitate towards complex music – metal and classical being a focus, but my library is also littered with hard rock, Christian rock, blues, and everything in between.

I don’t live a lifestyle that allows me to travel the country and see a different show every night (even though I try…) so this blog is a way for me to get my fix, share my passion, engage other’s interest, and maybe, just maybe learn something from smarter people than me.  I write this blog because I love music, I love sharing that music with others, and I love writing.  Finally, I write it because I’m afraid that one day, being forced to dance to Roxette – Joyride as an 8 year old will fade from my memory, and all the great shows, the heart-stopping performances, and the chills under the lights that I experienced will go with it.  When that happens, I pray that this blog will be able to spark my memory, and make me smile as the final chapter of my life is written.

Want background info?  I’m a software development project manager, a music nut, a writer, a family man, a diehard IU fan, and a techie.  However, more importantly than all that, I am a Christian, and I believe that Jesus Christ has transformed my life in profound ways.  This site is to share music experiences, sure, but a great side-benefit is that it gives me the opportunity to show my metal brothers and sisters that it’s ok to be different, to be crazy, to be weird.  I want all those music fans who read this site to know that Jesus loves you because of those differences, and not in spite of them.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Kara, and we have a 80 pound lab-golden mix named Dexter, and two young sons:  Luke, born July 2012, and Eli, born September 2014.   If I had it my way, the four of us would start a wholesome, Indianapolis-based The Used cover band, but alas, I don’t see that in my near future.  🙂



Speaking of my wife – she is a brilliant woman who unabashedly supports my passion for music even though she doesn’t share that passion.  She lets me spend our hard earned money and a lot of precious time away from my family in search for the next great show.  She even entertains my excitement and commentary in every day life – spending hours listening to me blab on and on about how incredible Ronnie James Dio is, or how I love Vivaldi’s Four Seasons because it makes me think of Ace Ventura, or how the bass line in Pentatonix is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to a capella music (apologies to Boys II Men).  You want to talk about supportive?  This is a woman who’s favorite song is Pink – So What!, yet spent our fourth wedding anniversary driving to Chicago with me to catch a Pierce the Veil show.  She is that incredible.  When she’s not selflessly supporting me in everything I’ve ever wanted to do, she works as a nurse in a Trauma Neuro ICU, and is a tremendous mom and role model.  Like I said – incredible.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Hopefully my pointless ramblings peaked your interest enough for you to return.  Or better yet – To pick up an album or t-shirt or wander into a local club to listen to a high school band mash together notes, off tempo and occasionally off key.  Because who knows – maybe the $5 you give them will be enough to keep them around long enough to write that one great song that will give us both chills at a show down the road.

Life’s about passion.  This is my passion.  What’s yours?