Summer 2016 Music

It’s a great time of year to be a music fan.  Not only are we in the middle of festival season, but the airwaves are saturated with fantastic new music.  In an effort to help you keep up with all the great music that’s being released, we’ve created a list of songs that we want to make sure you don’t miss.  We touch on multiple genres below, and hope you’ll find something that you haven’t heard that you might love.

Let me know what you think of these songs, and more importantly, let us know what else you are listening to!



Thrice – Black Honey

There was never any doubt where to go first – Thrice recently stormed back on the scene with their new album “To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere” after being on hiatus since 2012.  The newest version of the band sees their post-hardcore roots give way to an ethereal rock sound that is brilliantly executed and keeps you on your toes in the most unpredictable ways.  Black Honey is no doubt the strongest track on the album, but cover to cover, the album is sure to compete for one of the best of the year.


Beartooth – Aggressive

Ex- Attack! Attack! singer Caleb Shomo has turned this band into a force to be reckoned with.   They’ve had solid material before, but nothing as impressive as what’s come out recently.  The title track off of their album released in June (“Aggressive”) is an instant metalcore classic with destructive breakdowns.  It’ll make the lyrics “Most Aggressive You” echo in your head for days, and not even be mad about it.  Great song that gives a great new perspective on this band.

Emarosa – Helpless

Emarosa has had several lineup changes in the past decade, and the latest lineup has evolved their sound in a really positive direction.  What we get with this version of Emarosa is a great rock sound with a slightly indie feel.  “Helpless” is the single off of their new album set to drop this week, titled “131”, and has an awesome groove to it.  You’ll love this song, especially if you like vocal-forward rock – there are days when it gets played on repeat here at The Music Pill.

Machine Head – Is There Anybody Out There

I’ve kept a close eye on Machine Head since 2011, when a live version of “Locust” absolutely blew my mind.  Their version of thrash is slightly more approachable than most, and their songs have a habit of burrowing deep in my head and taking root for years.  Their latest single, called “Is There Anybody Out There”, is great insight into everything that Machine Head does well – incredible guitar riffs, great vocals from Rob Flynn, polarizing and poignant lyrics, catchy as hell, and just the right amount of angst.  I’m hooked.

Hands Like Houses – I Am

This band came onto the scene earlier this year with the single Colourblind, which is an epic sing-along that features a great marriage between strong pop-influences and a solid metalcore sound.  However, this song gets my vote for best on the record because it’s markedly heavier, and gives the instrumentalists a chance to play up to the level of the exceptional vocalist.  I had the luxury of hearing Hands Like Houses at Rock on the Range (review here) and they delivered a fantastic live show – making them all the more interesting in my book.  If you don’t believe they stand head and shoulders above most in their genre right now, the tune below might change your mind.


Highly Suspect – Lost

By now, you’ve no doubt heard “Lydia“, the huge single by Highly Suspect that’s getting constant airtime.  However, if you dig into their catalog, you find that there is so much more to this band.  “Lost”, off the album released last summer, has been stuck in our head since we saw them play it live.   A saucy guitar riff makes this song a lot of fun, but the supporting cast demands it be taken seriously.  One of the best rock tracks that I’ve heard this year.


letlive – Good Morning America

Letlive hooked me early on.  Back in 2010, they flooded the market with songs like “The Sick, Sick 6.8 Billion”, and then blew everyone away when their live show was just as spastic and chaotic as their music.  “Good Morning America” is off their latest album, and shows them softening around the edges just a little bit, but not sacrificing their DNA.  It’s a fantastic song with political undertones that might expand their audience and allow more to see just how brilliant they are.

Bring Me the Horizon – Avalanche

No question Bring Me the Horizon’s show at Rock on the Range blew me away (review here).  “Avalanche” is the most recent track they’ve released, and is an epic sing/scream-along that has moments of passion and intensity that show just how good this band can be.  Don’t misunderstand me – “Avalanche” isn’t even one of their top ten songs, but rather it’s the latest example that they aren’t capable of writing anything that isn’t great.




Hope you enjoyed these tracks!!  We’d love to hear what you’re listening to in the comments below!!!


“It’s like an avalanche, I feel myself go under.  Cause the weight of it’s like hands around my neck – I never stood a chance.”

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